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Image: Are all your nursery staff qualified?

Are all your nursery staff qualified?

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Parents like the surety that their loved ones are being properly looked after by a team that’s highly qualified.  Why?  Because when they’re hard at work, they don’t want to be worrying about childcare.

At Elm Park, we aim to operate with 100%qualified staff although the present statutory requirement is that only 50% of staff need to be qualified

When we chat to new families and parents and we tell them that the statutory requirement (at present) only requires a nursery provider to employ 50% qualified staff, they are gobsmacked!  But that’s exactly what the present Law requires.Here at Elm Park, we aim to operate with 100% qualified teaching staff.  That goes way over and above the statutory and legal obligation that has been set.Some staff may be employed who are close to completing their qualifications, but we expect them to successfully see through their studies within a reasonable period of time.

Why are our expectations so high in relation to employing qualified staff?

That’s quite simple.  It’s because, staff are the difference between an average and a great nursery.

Training as a Montessori teacher

The Montessori approach requires a different set of skills from mainstream education.
To qualify as a Montessori teacher, you have to undergo rigorous training that introduces the concept of the teacher being ‘observer’, rather than a strict enforcer’.
Montessori teachers are almost learning directors that facilitate learning, make things happen, guide, encourage and motivate little ones to try and discover new things.  What they don’t do it simply tell children what to do, and when and how to do it.  They are allowed to choose.
Elm Park currently employs a range of staff with suitable qualifications and experience across the wide breadth of early years development.

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Relationship builders – a mixture of maturity and youth

All staff have been carefully selected for their warmth and relationship with children – we have a great mix of maturity and youth.
Elm Park has an ongoing internal training programme which is designed to add to staff skills and keep them up to speed with the latest developments in the ever changing world of child care and education. All our staff have also been DBS-checked.

Elm Park Nursery, Clapham provides little ones with a home from home experience.  When you need to be at work and have to leave your baby or child with someone else, you can be confident that we nurture and encourage your son or daughter, through his or her tender early years.  Whether your child joins our beautiful baby suite, lower or upper school, our amazing team will make sure they go home having had the best day ever!

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